The New School Year Resolution Every Christian Should To Make

The New School Year Resolution Every Christian Should To Make

smiling teacher and 3d class backgroundSure, there are plenty of people who the start of school does not affect.  However, I can’t imagine there are many because the school traffic alone is enough to impact your daily routine whether you are part of the school system or not.  From where I sit, going back to school is the single most influential factor to the daily routine.  The alarm is set, the lunches are made and this year it’s going to be good.  You are going to get out the door on time,  get in bed at a decent hour and make this school year count.

We approach a new school year with great intentions.  Most of which fall flat come October but we somehow continue to push through.

Let me suggest one resolution you might not have considered–Time in that routine to meet with Jesus.  The new rhythm of school is the perfect time to get in sync with God.

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John C. Maxwell says, “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.”  If you want God to change your life then let Him be a daily part of it.

Here are 4 simple steps to make that a reality:

1. Find your place.  Where is the one place you can get away with God to read your Bible and pray?  I have a chair in my bedroom, my husband likes the recliner in the living room and I have friends that, literally, meet with God in their clothes closet with clothes & shoes surrounding them.  Find a place that is quiet.  You might have to try out a few different spots before you find the right one but go ahead…give it a try.

2. Make the appointment.  I have appointments with people all the time.  I put them in my calendar and I show up for them.  Why is it different with God?  If you have a standing appointment at 7:45 a.m. every morning (or 5:00 a.m. like Jared), keep it.

3.  Get a Bible that is easy to read.  If you’re going to spend time in God’s Word, make sure you can understand it.  I, personally, use the Holman Christian Standard Study Bible but there are so many good ones.  There are so many on-line options too.  Have you checked out  It’s fantastic.

4.  Be Expectant.  Have a pen and paper ready to write what you hear from God.  If you have something to write with and you expect to hear from God, He’ll give you something.

Then just dig in.  Start with a book like John or Proverbs and see what God has written to you.  And then just talk to God.  Tell Him your fears, your joys, your stress.  That’s what relationship is about–time together communicating and loving each other.

Don’t think that meeting with God is just for the super-spiritual.  No, meeting with God is about a relationship…one that we have to work on every day.

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