Bobi Ann is honored to serve as the Women’s Minister at Willowbrook Church in Huntsville/Madison, Alabama. God put a desire in her heart more than 20 years ago to reach women and she still pinches herself as she fulfills that calling through speaking to women’s groups, writing books/Bible studies, and serving at Willowbrook. 

Bobi Ann holds a Master’s Degree in Christian Education and is the author of 5 books, including 3 Bible studies. Her great joy in ministry is to open the Bible with women and let the Holy Spirit transform hearts—including her own. 

Please don’t get any ideas that she’s somehow not doing real life. She’s forever driving one of her teenagers to their next activity, unloading the dishwasher, and hunting for her people’s lost stuff. Speaking of her people: Bobi Ann is married to Jared (Campus Pastor of the Willowbrook-Madison campus), and they have two really cool children, Kati Ann  and Kie.

Bobi Ann loves to be outside, travel and eat chips and guac. She’s a ‘recovering’ emotional bang-cutter, so if you see her with bangs, you should probably check on her–she’s not okay. Her all-time favorite moments are date nights with Jared and laughing with her kids.


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  1. My how you have grown!!! You know me as Kathy Honea – Emily and Katie’s mom 🙂 I love your post and will be following you on your journey. Much love and hugs and of course prayer 🙂

  2. Very strange..I just had someone purchase a piece of furniture from a Craigslist posting. When she arrived and heard my Alabama accent in Cedar Park, Texas, she started a conversation about how my family found ourselves here. That led her to mention your family and your recent move from Alabama. We moved here from Decatur, AL two years ago for a ministry position. Just felt like hearing that you are where I was such a short time ago can’t be coincidence. I’ll be praying for your family as you transition to your new life in Texas!

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