The Identity Project–Lesson 7

We’re almost done and I’m feeling a little nostalgic even after only 7 weeks that we’re done next week! I love learning and growing alongside you, precious women.

In the video I mention a couple of books that I strongly encourage you to read as additional resources for this week’s lesson. They are easy reads and were both instrumental in my personal journey with God. I’m including the links in this post so you can check them out. I underlined most of both of these books so getting your own copy would be worth your while.

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The Identity Project–Lesson 7 from Bobi Ann Allen on Vimeo.

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  1. DISCUSSION: Is it uncomfortable for you when you consider you don’t belong here? Why is there such a desire in us to blend in and “fit” with a world we don’t belong?

    1. Belonging is one of our deepest needs, and we want to find that wherever we are. Of course it’s uncomfortable to consider not belonging anywhere.
      But, Jeremiah 29 instructed the captives to build houses, plant gardens, get married, and seek the good of their new city, because they weren’t going home any time soon. This may not be our homeland, but we’re supposed to build a life here, put down roots, and serve however we can.

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