5 practices to foster unity among believers

5 practices to foster unity among believers

It’s no secret that the church has long grappled with a lack of unity and harmony among members. This is especially true during challenging transitions or interpretation of the Scriptures. We may differ from one another on certain matters, but if we can come together on Jesus and the gospel, we’ve found the most important common ground.

As Christians, it is NOT the responsibility of others to “fix” unity in the church. If you are a follower of Jesus, you ARE the church and it is your responsibility to lean into nurturing unity.

So, these five practices are FOR YOU–the church–to help generate an atmosphere of unity among fellow Christ-followers – even when disagreement rears its head!

  • Priority: Make it a priority to show up for your community. These are the people that God has placed in your life, so be present and engaged with them.
  • Chemistry: Building unity also involves finding joy and laughter with one another. Sharing meals, going on trips, and creating shared experiences all contribute to strengthening our connection as a church family.
  • Vulnerability: It can be scary, but let’s try to lower our guards and walls and be more open with each other. By sharing our vulnerabilities and disclosing our true selves, we create an environment where we can truly be known and accepted for who we are.
  • Empathy: Creating a safe space for vulnerability is crucial. Let’s strive to be tender and caring towards one another, offering support and understanding when needed. Empathy is a powerful tool for nurturing unity within our church.
  • Accountability: Finally, we can help each other grow into the people that God wants us to be by holding one another accountable. Encouraging and inspiring each other to live out our faith in meaningful ways strengthens our bond as a community.

Through these five practices of prioritizing unity, cultivating chemistry, investing in vulnerability, exercising empathy and accountability, we can kindle a sense of unity among believers. When our hearts move beyond our superficial differences and become rooted in God’s truth, we are empowered as agents of peace.

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