MOPS Speaking Topics

MOPS Speaking Topics

Own It–Knowing and Embracing Who God Created You To Be

Scripture calls you a masterpiece however many of us question our value and purpose Because we haven’t taken the time to study the details and intricacies God uses when creating us as his work of art. Bobi Ann walks through a Biblical truths and practical resources that will teach your audience how to embrace and live out the plans and purposes God has planned for each of them.

Intentional Parenting–Cause this Parenting Gig is No Joke!

As parents, we haven’t given a divine calling to speak truth and life into the lives of our children.Yet, most of the time we feel ill-equipped and under qualified. Bobi Ann offers encouragement along with practical tips to incorporate God’s truth into the everyday mess of raising children.

Priorities–Because as Hard as You Try, You Can’t Do It All

Running on the treadmill, read my Bible, a night out with the girls, clean the house, feed the dog, volunteer at my child’s school, date my husband…so many choices on how to spend my time and all of them good.  But I can’t do them all…so how do I choose? How do I prioritize my life without losing my mind?In this message, Bobi Ann explains three important questions to ask when setting priorities by challenging your audience to take intentional steps to not only set priorities but to live them out.