why does God care so much about money?

why does God care so much about money?

Ever wonder why money seems to be such a big deal to God?

It’s not because He needs our cash.

It’s because He knows that money plays a crucial role in our lives.

God is not concerned about the number in our bank account but rather what is in our hearts.

So why does God care so much about money?

One: He knows it’s super easy for us to become obsessed with money and make it our god. When we worship it, we worship the wrong thing.

Two: God wants us to use our money to bless others. He wants us to be generous and help those in need.

Three: When we’re trapped in debt, it’s harder for us to answer His call and pursue the assignments He has planned for us.

Four: He understands our deep longing for true freedom in every aspect of our lives – spiritually, emotionally, physically, and yes, even financially.

When we think of why God cares so much about money, it should always come back to our hearts. Money isn’t evil or bad – it’s an essential part of life. But, if money and wealth become an idol to us rather than a tool to build up and bless others, then something is off balance in our lives and we need to reexamine our priorities.

So take the time to really ask God where your heart is when it comes to money – do you have a genuine desire to use it for His glory or do you long for money as though it will provide all the answers? Asking these sorts of tough questions allows us to more clearly understand how God sees money and how He wants us to continue financially blessed by it. So let’s take the time today, right now, and let God search your heart and examine if you care about money the same way God does.

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