Detox Bath

I really wanted my December Pinterest reviews to be merry and bright and to be festive but I’ve been stuck in my house since Wednesday with one or both kids sick and my sanity long went out the window so I thought I’d share a review that was more relevant to my reality at the moment.

Turned out that Kati Ann had the flu or we’re pretty sure she had the flu.  I had to take her to a clinic because our regular doctor wasn’t in the office and I needed someone to see her.  Her fever was over 102.4º and we had gotten there fast!  At the clinic, they tested her for the flu but it came back negative and then the doctor and nurse practitioner told me they didn’t trust the flu test (which seems like a complete waste of time and money but, whatever).  They went ahead and diagnosed her with the flu and gave us a prescription for TamiFlu.  The adventures in giving Kati Ann medicine could be it’s own post.  She might be the worst medicine taker ever.  I’m not sure how much of the actual medicine got in her system, so I decided we needed additional support.

Click on the picture to visit the site where I originally got this recipe.


Several months back I had mixed up some detox bath when Kie was sick.   So, I put her and the detox mix in the bath.  She didn’t mind it at all.  I do have to say that when I used it with Kie several months back, he would have no part of the grainy mess in the tub.  He refused to sit down and actually soak in it so it turned out to be a fail for Kie.  Anyhow, Kati Ann sat and soaked and did it help her get better?  That’s hard to say…I’m sure it didn’t hurt but it made me feel like I was doing everything I possibly could to get her better.

It’s easy to make and worth the attempt in my opinion.