Busy, Excited and In Love

Jared & I have had the fun opportunity to get to know Kelsey Carlisle through pre-marital counseling.  We have known her fiancé, Andrew, for quite some time but have only recently had the privilege of getting to know Kelsey.  Jared & I have been able to sit and share our experiences in marriage and ministry  with Andrew and Kelsey as they prepare to join their lives together.  I’m thrilled to have Kelsey on the blog today.  

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Rest.  It’s something, I believe, we all struggle with.  Rest–being still in the presence of a Holy Savior.  I struggle with it daily.  Are you with me?  Do you find yourself busy, worked up, on edge?

I’m in a crazy season of life right now.  I’m recently engaged, planning a wedding, moving to Huntsville, and starting a new job. It’s a whole new beginning for me. I’m busy and excited and in love.  Quite frankly, the whole thing is wonderful and overwhelming all at the same time.  However, it is easy to get caught up in the newness–the busyness involved in a major life change and forget the One who has placed me right where I am.  In the midst of so many major adjustments, I found myself broken before the Lord.  God gently reminded me that if I didn’t stop and sit in His presence,  the busyness of life would continue to overwhelm me.  There is no way I can do this life on my own strength.  I will fail every time without the strength and renewal of our Lord.

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In the midst of a world that is consumed with hours spent on ourselves and our appearance, how much time do we spend sitting still with no distractions, resting in our Almighty’s presence? Do we soak in the presence of the One who already knows us, accepts us, and absolutely loves us with the deepest love imaginable? My worship pastor once saying, “we exist with a purpose to worship.” This purpose is fulfilled not only during a weekly church service but completed through a life lived in His presence.  Worship happens simply by resting in the Father’s presence, captivated by His love, fixed securely in   who He is.

Psalm 119: 114 says,

“You’re my place of quiet retreat. I wait for Your Word to renew me.”

Today in the midst of chaos, I encourage you to run to the ultimate hiding place. Put away distractions and take the time to focus on what The Lord has to teach you in this very season of life. Psalm 34 says, “Let The Lord lead you forth in His joy,” rest in the fact that He is God and you are not. Allow Him to renew your heart. Find peace in His love.

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