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  1. Discussion Question 1:

    What are some indicators (or warning signs) that we are living and operating in the flesh and not in the Spirit? What are some ways we can keep that in check?

    1. Feeling guilty about an action or thought. To keep us in check, pray about what is going on in your life and ask for guidance and don’t act until you feel at peace about the way you are to go.

  2. Discussion Question 2:

    If we really believed that God allows temptation in our lives to grow us, how would that affect how we respond when faced with temptation?

    1. When faced with temptation and knowing God is using it to grow me, I don’t run from it, I face it head on and battle it; just my personality.
      There is always a lesson for us to learn; sometimes we just have to quite our minds and our surroundings to see what that lesson is. My current lesson is finding who I am in Christ, following His lead and waiting on Him. I’m normally not a very patient person, which is a pain as a mom; BUT I am learning. I also have a bit of OCD and control issues, so God is using these “flaws” to grow me in my life right now, where I don’t really have control over everything and it bugs me to no end. BUT not having that control over everything, gives me less stress and worry and time to spend with what I really need to be focusing on.

  3. Discussion Question 3:

    What are some temptations that regularly trip you up? Talk about practical ways you can form the habit of running to God when those things arise.

  4. Discussion Question 4:

    Name some “spiritual disciplines” and discuss how they might help you in your fight against your flesh. Let’s encourage each other to keep up the fight!

    1. As Bobi Ann emphasized in the video, making time for God helps us grow and stand strong – “dig in the cleats of our battle shoes.” Just a few examples are Bible Studies – like this one – and even more important in person fellowship and worship with fellow believers, YouVersion Bible reading plans, good Christian books and Christian radio as we commute of if possible as we work.

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