what’s the point in following God if this is how it goes?

Do you ever seem to struggle when you see non-Christians excelling in something and you wonder why it’s not going as well for you?  I know that God isn’t a Genie…. I just question sometimes why it’s so hard for me and not for others who aren’t Christians. This is more »

just for a moment

Do you need a moment?  A moment of quiet and rest for your mind and heart? It’s been within the past few weeks that I’ve suffered the spiritual effects of physical and emotional exhaustion.  I can’t point to any particular trauma or added stress.  Instead, I’m dealing with the consequences more »

Why We All Need to Believe the Best instead of Thinking the Worst

Last week I had the opportunity to hop over to Leigh Power’s site and share about my ongoing struggle with perfectionism.  Today, I’m super-excited that Leigh is joining us over here. Leigh Powers is a pastor’s wife, Bible study and devotional writer, freelance editor, and mother of three from small-town West Texas. more »