plan to rest

plan to rest

You don’t mean to not rest–it kind of just happens. You say yes to too many things and the next thing you know, you’re exhausted with no foreseen break.

God instituted rest when He gave a newly freed slaves a set of rules (the Ten Commandments) to live by now that they were free. Resting was revolutionary to them because they had only ever lived as slaves and rest wasn’t prescribed by their masters.

Because they weren’t slaves anymore, God didn’t want them to continue living like they were.

So, He commanded rest.

If I asked you what it looked like to pursue Christ–to grow in spiritual maturity, you’d probably give me a list that included prayer, Bible study, serving those in need, etc.

How many of us include rest as a gateway to spiritual growth?

Rest is not to be left behind as we move toward the goal of knowing Christ because to know Christ is to obey Him–to live like we’re free.

As one pastor said, “No one ever stumbled into godliness.”

And the path to godliness includes rest. But you can’t just hope for it to happen. You have plan to rest.

Proverbs 20:25 says, “It is a trap to dedicate something rashly and only later to consider one’s vows” (NIV).

If you find yourself making plans that don’t include rest, make rest the plan. Put it in your calendar and when something comes up that conflicts with the rest you’ve planned, use this phrase, “I wish I could but I already have something on the calendar.

And you do have something on your calendar–obedience. You are prioritizing God’s plan for you to know Him more and live like you’re free.

Pursuing Christ involves rest (and obedience) and that isn’t a passive pursuit, it involves planning and intentionality.

Start today, mark out on your calendar the rest God desires for your mind, body and spirit and plan to know Christ more.

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