Practicing The Presence of God–2.4

This is the final post in the series Practicing the Presence of God.  To read more from this series you can check out the category on the side bar called “Room To Move” or click on one of these previous posts:

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We have been exploring Moses’ experiences with the presence of God.

We will finish with Expectation

Real Heroes

Do you see the amazing ways God showed up to the heroes in the Bible when they got alone?

We label them these men and women as “heroes” because we read their stories and we see their faith all these years later.  Yet, do you realize that they didn’t count themselves heroes at the time. They simply wanted more of God.

Do some of the biblical accounts of these heroes seem out of reach for someone like you?

You’re not alone.  I often feel the same way.  However, that’s not God’s intent.

The stories in the Bible are there to set an example for us, to show us men and women just like ourselves can experience God in a real way.

When we discount ourselves from experiencing God in such a way, we don’t expect anything to actually come from our time with God.

Yet, if you want the conscious presence of God, you must expect His presence.

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Exodus 34:4 tells us Moses took with him two tablets of stone when he went to meet with God. He didn’t just carve out two stone tablets and haul them up the mountain for fun. No, he fully expected God to give him something to put on them.

Not Disappointed

Expectations are tricky but unavoidable.  In every part aspect of our lives, we have expectations. I expect every time I go into my favorite pizza place that I’m going to leave satisfied. In fact, I try to prepare for it by wearing my stretchy pants. We have expectations about visiting family for the holidays, whether positive or negative and we prepare for it.

Depending on our frame of reference, we approach different experiences and relationships with different expectations.  Unfortunately, many times we approach God with little to no expectation.  We surmise if we don’t expect anything, we won’t be disappointed.

What do you expect from God? Has your experience in the past told you not to expect much? Have you imagined it was possible to experience the presence of God or do all the “right” things and you still felt empty?

Write It Down

When you meet with God, do you expect Him to give you something?

The example given by Moses coming into God’s presence with something to write on is an excellent one. We should open our Bibles with paper and pen right at hand.  Be prepared to record what God tells us. If you expect Him to give you something, be prepared to write it down.

It will come as no surprise that I’m a big fan of writing during my time with God. Amazing clarity comes as the pen touches the paper. As I write words on paper, God is writes His truths on my heart.

If you approach God, expecting Him to teach you something then be ready for God to teach you something.

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Set your mind and heart on experiencing God’s presence in your daily life. Prepare to meet with Him, get alone and then expect for Him to speak.

Checking The Boxes

If you are anything like me you are hoping to check off all the boxes we covered in this series with a guarantee to experience God in a more tangible way.

However, I must remind you there is no magic in checking the boxes!  Marking off your spiritual check-list will not produce intimacy with God. Intimacy comes through relationship.  This series is simply a way to help you approach God, to foster a healthy relationship and to get to know Him more intimately.

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Matthew West has a song called “Motions” that speaks to my heart each time I hear it. If you haven’t heard it, I encourage you watch this video and let God speak to your heart.


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