Looking for a Great Family Devo?

We are constantly looking for great books to do for our Family Devotions.  We’ve tried several that I mentioned here.  However, we’re really stuck on one that I have to share with you!

My family loves Duck Dynasty. (I’m afraid we relate a little too much to their red-neck schemes!) However, whether or not you’re a fan of the Robertson crew from Duck Dynasty, this devotional is top-notch!

Sure it says “Devotional for Kids” in the title but this is one that any age could use in their personal time with God. It is a rare morning that Jared or I one don’t shake our heads as we read knowing God is speaking directly to us.

This devotional has sparked several great discussions with our kids and been a great reminder of truths from God’s word.

Korie and her mom, Chrys have put together a fantastic devo for the family. I would highly recommend picking this one up for your family.