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  1. Good morning! Please join us for some online discussion right here in the comment section!

    Question 1:

    Review 1 Samuel 16:7. Can you think of times when you may have judged someone or drawn conclusions about someone based on their appearance or their name? Were your conclusions about that person accurate?

    1. When I read this verse, I’m transported back to middle school and high school. So often, I made judgments about people before I actually got to know them based on what I could see about them. But more often than not, I learned there was so much more to a person after I actually got to know the person better.

    1. Most definitely, but I’m often reminded by way wiser people than me that if it got through God’s filter, it was most definitely what He has allowed. I must trust His sovereignty.

    1. When I read this, I immediately think of the number of times I’ve asked God to show me how He sees others or how I’ve asked for His wisdom in light of my situation. I think it’s asking God to show us how He sees things. As I study what’s before me and ask for the counsel of the Holy Spirit, I have to check it against God’s Word for truth and clarity.

    1. Of course! And often, God often has to remind me of my identity. He has to whisper into my heart and soul that I’m not who I once was, and I’m definitely not who the world says I am.

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