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  1. I am excited about participating in this Bible study on the Chronicles. I ďo have one question: how does Dropbox work? I downloaded the app then each document provided with this first installment; but, I cannot figure out how to view the documents. I thought that perhaps other women who are also participating have the same question. Would you please help me out here. Thanks!

    1. I’m Stephanie Adams, and I live in Madison, AL. I’m excited to learn more about what God has to teach us through 1&2 Chronicles. I love history and love to see how these two books apply to me today.

    2. I’m Jamie. I live in Madison, Alabama. I chose this study because I have never done an online study and wanted to try it out. I’m excited to attend Bible study in my pjs!

  2. Discussion Question 2:

    Why do you think the writer of 1&2 Chronicles found it important to write out the history of God’s people? What was his purpose in writing these books?

    1. For Ezra or whoever wrote the Chronicles, I think they possessed a desire to share the history of God’s people to teach us, to implore us in our decision making, and to encourage us as we look to God for wisdom and guidance.

  3. Discussion Question 3:

    We will see God’s unchanging character as we study these books together. What are some words you would use to describe God’s character, based on His Word and your experience?

  4. Discussion Question 4:

    Are there stories in the history of your life and your family that tell about God’s character? Has there been a theme running through the generations of your family?

  5. Discussion Question 5:

    Why is it important to understand where we come from? What can we learn from looking at our past in the light of God’s nature and character?

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