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  1. Good morning! Welcome to online discussion of lesson 4! We would love to hear your thoughts.

    Question 1:

    Review the definition of “covenant” in your notes. Discuss what the “new covenant” means for us as believers and to you personally. How does it affect your daily walk with God?

    1. It is Christ’s commitment to us and our commitment to Him as we surrender our hearts and lives to Him. We share in His sufferings and in His inheritance. He gave His life for us, so because of our love for Him, we live for Him.

  2. Question 2:

    Like David, have you ever really wanted to do something amazing for God only to discover that your plan was not God’s plan for your life? Was that hard to accept?

  3. Question 4:

    Discuss David’s response to God’s declaration. (17:16-27) What are some things that stand out to you about this passage? Would you have responded in the same manner?

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