I Was Grossly Over-Charged on My Vacation

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This past week was Fall Break in Huntsville.  We decided this would be a good week to do something fun with our kids.  I had a speaking engagement in Texas at the end of the week so we all piled in the SUV bound for Texas.  This vacation was for our kids.  I’m okay saying “for the kids” because Jared & I faithfully take time to vacation just “for us” as well.

Vacationing “for the kids” isn’t actually like a vacation.  It is a different change of scenery and away from the everyday routine but it will flat wear a girl out!

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We started at Great Wolf Lodge!  It was so fun! GWL collageWe then we did the Dallas Zoo

Dallas Zoo collage

I finished the week with speaking to a group of women that I know and love in my hometown of Kilgore, TX.



I’m grateful for the time with my family, time to see friends and time to speak the truth of God’s Word.  What I’ve reflected on about taking a vacation “for the kids” is the amount of money and time I was willing to spend on my children.  The saying “something is only as valuable as what someone is willing to pay for it” rings true in moments like these.

I’m not actually sure how much money we spent on over-priced food, nail polish and arcade games.  I don’t think I really want to add it all up.  What I do know is that there isn’t a value that can be placed on the giggles of a seven and four-year old.  I’m crazy about those two.  I’m crazy about their daddy and the family we have together.  I don’t begrudge the overpriced glitter tattoos and admissions to attractions.  I’m willing to pay the price–the much-too-high-a-price.

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Have you thought about the price God paid for you?  Have you pondered the value God placed on you by willingly paying much too high a price?

Consider your value not based on what you think of yourself or what others think of you.  Consider your value based on what someone (God) was willing to pay for you.  

Question: Have you allowed someone other than God to decide your value?  Take some time to ponder the worth God placed on you when He sent Jesus to pay the ransom for you.


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