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    1. A good mother loves God more than anything else and His love is evident through her words and actions.

      A good mother knows that she is not perfect, asks forgiveness (from God & others if needed) and then the hardest – forgives herself.

      A good mother takes time for seemingly unimportant (world view) events with her kids – reading books, playing outside, listening and watching when they need an audience of one.

      I have not always been a good mother; when I was your age, Bobi Ann, I was one of those “terrible mothers” – self-involved and more motivated by professional goals than on seeking God’s heart and being the perfect mom He wanted me to be for our 3 kids. Thankfully, by His great mercy and grace He forgives and gives us second chances. Now my prayer is that our 5 wonderful grandkids will know I/we seek God’s best for them so we have to remember how much God loves them and ask Him to be in control of their lives.

      (This entire study has been great, but especially these last two lessons! If anyone has gotten behind, hopefully they will be encouraged to catch up! We all need this so much!)

        1. Thanks much, Bobi Ann. I sure don’t want to hog the comment section!

          (BTW, if there was an edit button I would remove the “gotten” from my last sentence! LOL)

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