Prepare Him Room

There is nothing cuter than hearing my four year old sing “Joy To The World.”  Apparently, his preschool class is singing Joy To The World during the month of December prior to lunch instead of their normal Blessing song.  It is particularly cute when I listen as he sings, “Joy to the world, the Lord is done!”  I have to admit as Kie mis-sings the words, I think to myself “I think I’d be done if I was God too!

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The Christmas season is in full swing.  I’ve been to at least five music productions and more than a couple of parties.  Didn’t I write something about less being more in a previous post?  Looks like someone needs to read their own material.  All the productions and parties are fun but I’m tired.

It was in listening to Kie continue singing Joy to the World, I heard a line I have sung many Christmases past.  From the mouth of the sweetest four year old I know, I hear “let every heart prepare Him room…and heaven and nature sing…and heaven and nature sing.”  Even as I type those words, I am left breathless.  Jesus came as a baby and there was no room for Him in the inn.  Is there room for Him in my life?  Is there room for Him in yours?

I don’t know how many preachers I’ve heard preach about making room for Jesus this Christmas.  A.L.O.T.  Yet, as I heard Kie sing the words “let every heart prepare Him room.”  I knew God was speaking to me.  He was speaking to all of us.

How many of us have crowded our life with so many good things we crowded out the best?

I’ve been privately studying and writing for months about making room for God to move in our lives.  Giving God room to move takes discipline, surrender and denial of self.  It requires putting the King on His throne and not asking Him to scoot over to fit anything else on that throne.  And then I am reminded Joy to the world…the Lord is come!  I want a heart prepared with room for His arrival and His movement in my life.  I want to celebrate with joy the birth of my Rescuer, my Friend!

What about you?  Is there room for God to move in your heart?  What have your filled your heart, mind and life with?  Are you so filled with good, you have crowded out the best?

How is God speaking to you this Advent season?  Have you slowed down to hear?

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