You’re Telling Me, You’re Not Obsessed?

Here we go, I’m about to let you in on a long-held intrigue of mine.  I’m bracing myself aware some of you will judge me.  However, I’m comforted by knowing the companionship of those who share my affinity.  I’m totally into celebrities.  I don’t actually keep the paparazzi in business by buying the magazines but I definitely read the headlines as I stand in line at the grocery store.  One particular celebrity couple draws my attention like no other.  Will and Kate.  Come on–these two are not just celebrities…they are royalty.


After making a trip to London this summer, I’m even more obsessed.  The whole elaborate hoop-la surrounding royalty fascinates me.  Monarchs and royalty are a foreign concept in our American culture.  However, it doesn’t change the allure of seeing Princess Diana walk down the aisle with her iconic veil and dress and later the stunning Catherine Middleton.

I will admit, however, it’s humorous to consider the enthusiasm surrounding earthly monarchs.  Most yield very little political power anymore.  They are more symbolic than anything else.

The start of Advent brings with it the celebration of royalty like none the world had ever seen or would ever see again.  Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  He came as a baby in a humble manger.  A far cry from the global attention given the birth of royalty today.  It was almost as if Jesus snuck in without notice.  A divine mystery–this Jesus coming humbly without fanfare or observation.  The most powerful of all Kings came to a modest couple just checking off their name for a census in Bethlehem.  Who does that?  The whole scene is mind-blowing yet beautiful.  Jesus didn’t try to compete with the flashiness of earthly monarchs.  There was no competition.  There is none like Him.

No one is like you, O Lord; you are great, and you name is mighty in power.  Who should not revere you, O King of the nations?  This is your due…The Lord is the true God; he is the living God, the eternal King.–Jeremiah 10:6-7,10

My heart’s cry this Advent season is for my preoccupation to be for the King Eternal.  I want to find myself daydreaming of His splendor and majesty.

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