Citizen–A Book Review

I have anxiously awaited the day I could write this review for you.  Early this summer, I had the opportunity to go to London on a mission trip.   The missionary we served there with is Rob Peabody.  Rob also happens to be the author of Citizen.  It is hard for me to write this review without expounding some about what happened in London.

Shortly after I returned from London, life got crazy in my household.  Without going into too much detail, the craziness of home took place at the same time I was processing all that God had showed me in London.  It is why I wrote this post. I still feel slightly strange to tell you that God did something so earth-shattering in my heart in a city like London.  Isn’t God supposed to change you in the villages of Africa or the slums of India?  Could God really turn my life upside down in the fashion-forward streets of London?

cute kid with glasses1Yet, it would seem that is exactly what He did.  As I discovered the heartbeat of a Texas pastor who walked away from his comfortable, ladder-climbing ministry, I knew God was opening my eyes to an alternate Kingdom.  Again, it sounds strange for me to say that my eyes were opened to God’s Kingdom.  Aren’t I seminary-trained, paid by a church and sought after for godly counsel?  Ashamedly, yes.  It isn’t that I haven’t spoken or taught of God’s Kingdom because I have.  The difference is that I was trying to live in 2 Kingdoms when my citizenship is just in one.

I returned home with a copy of Citizen in my email inbox.  I devoured the anointed writing of Rob, a man who lived out everything he taught and believed.  I was witness to the way he disadvantaged himself for God’s Kingdom.

So, my review: Buy this book!  Why?  It is anointed by God.  It is full of Scripture and it is written by a man who is leading the way in a post-Christian nation to build the Kingdom.  Rob Peabody is the real deal.  The words that God gave him are life-altering and so needed in our Western culture where our citizenship gets blurred too easily.

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