When You Struggle Alongside Someone

When You Struggle Alongside Someone

As you may remember, I have served as the Student Ministry Interim at our church for the last several months. It is funny how time has a way of marching on and with it comes seasons that are hard and taxing and seasons that are sweet and memorable.  This season as the Interim Student Minister for our church has been both.  As I started this position, I walked into a group that was grieving from the loss of their beloved student minister.  There was transition happening all around them and truthfully, we struggled with the instability.

I struggled because I was new and they struggled because they were hurt and the truth is, it was messy.  But, I wouldn’t trade it.  It was during the mess that we dug in and learned to truly love each other and depend more on God.  As we began to share experiences from silly games, to meaningful worship to traveling during the summer, we learned together and laughed A LOT.  We wrestled with the truth of God’s Word and we grew and we healed.

There is an amazing bond that is formed when you struggle alongside someone—when you’ve been in the trenches and shared experiences.  That is the bond I share with the students of our church.  Our group has healed and is ready for new leadership and I am grateful to be considered part of such an outstanding ministry to students.  I love our students and I cherish the experiences and memories we share.  But I am also excited for what’s ahead for them.
Tim & Jenni Darst are a wonderful fit for what our student ministry needs.  They are funny and real and passionate about Jesus and so are our students.  I look forward to getting to be part of watching God move in our church through our student ministry and through the individual lives of those committed to seeking God and allowing Him to use them to make a Kingdom difference.

So, I’m back…

back to focusing more on the assignment God has given me to invest in the lives of women.
I mentioned several months ago that I was working on a new project and that project is out and available to you. 
I have written a new Bible study called There Is More to Your Story–a study of Hope from the book of Ruth.  Here is a bit about this new study:
Have you ever found yourself in the midst of loss, loneliness, or a season of great change or hurt? Did your mind wonder if this was it…if this was how your story would end? The story of Ruth is for you. It is a story offering hope when all hope seems lost. The book of Ruth begins as a story of heartache, but it doesn’t stop there. Mourning gives way to dancing as themes of loyalty, kindness, risk-taking, acceptance, and breath-taking love and redemption burst forth. The story of Ruth isn’t a fairy tale of redemption for one woman thousands of years ago. Ruth is a story of God’s providence to redeem us all—even you. God’s divine intervention is woven through this masterfully told story as we see His hand at work through seemingly small events. This six-week study will challenge and encourage you as God speaks to your heart and reminds you that no matter where you find yourself, God isn’t done with you and there is more to your story.
I am so excited about this newest study and how God might choose to use it as women dig into His word, learn more about God’s character and train their hearts to trust Him more with the story He is writing with their lives.

To get your copy and free teaching videos, you can visit thereismore.net or on Amazon.

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  1. I am so proud of you, and I feel privileged to have been able to see you grow in Christ. Keep up the good work! ❤️

  2. I am excited to see how God will use this study to enhance, edify and empower women in our church and community.
    Can’t wait to take a “peek”.
    Joyce Davis

  3. Bobi Ann, I didn’t know that you had written a book. I love the story of Ruth and Naomi. The book of Ruth is just about my favorite Old Testament book. But, of course, I love the whole Bible.

    1. I love Ruth too, Charlene. I’ve actually written 3 books and am well into my 4th. I’d love to get you a copy of There Is More to Your Story. If you want one, I could bring you one to church, you can go to the Shop tab on the website and order one or they are available on Amazon too.

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