What I Won’t Resolve To Do This Year

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Do you get irritated by resolutions, particularly New Year Resolutions?  If something in one’s life needs to change, why wait for a new year to change it?  Why don’t “people” (you know those people?…not me, of course!) just change when they recognize the need for change?  Simple question for a complicated answer.  Resolutions suggest we can will ourselves to work harder and be something more than we are.  However, resolutions require more than good intentions and determination.  Resolutions require transformation and simply put true transformation doesn’t happen apart from God’s movement in our life.

Resolutions require discipline.  Resolutions are about more than what we do (or don’t do) but about who we are becoming.  As believers we are called to the process of sanctification–becoming more like Jesus.  This year I’m resolved to not just do more but to be more.  I resolve to live a life that looks more like dying and to give away more of who I am because of Jesus.

“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.”–Matthew 16:24

Over the next year, I hope to share with you a labor of love I have composed and entitled Room To Move.  It is a book that I hope to eventually publish.  However, I feel led to share it with you now through a series of posts that could take months.  This book is about disciplines leading to transformation.  It is about becoming not just performing.

What I hope you’ll receive as I share this book with you is grace.  I hope you’ll recognize the freeing truth that living a Christian life is so much more than a bunch of rules and right behaviors but about recognizing our position of need and allowing God to move and transform.

So this year, my resolution is not to deflect my struggles by judging the actions of others.  I resolve to deny my flesh, my pride and my ambition for the glory of His name.

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