Unintended Target–A Book Review

I’ve been known to review lots of books but my favorite to review are the ones written by friends. I say “favorite” with a mix of emotions. I love to talk about the works of people I actually know but on the flip side, I always get a little nervous when I start a book written by a friend because let’s be honest, what if it’s not good?

For those of you that know me well, you know I’m not good at lying.  I’m a pretty straight-shooter because I want people to shoot straight with me.  I realize not everyone appreciates my honest commentary but all I can say is…at least you know you can trust me!

With that as my disclaimer, I’m reviewing a book by one of my dear friends, D.L. Wood known to me as Deanna.  Deanna is this crazy mix of so much talent, crazy smarts and if it weren’t for her amazing heart, I might just not like her because she’s almost too perfect!  (I promise you when she reads this she will roll her eyes and shake her head because she’s really humble too and would deny my evaluation of just how awesome she is.)  But trust me, she’s just that great!

unintended targetAnyway, this a book review not a review of Deanna but its hard for me to separate the two and as I started her book, I found the same struggle.  See Unintended Target is a Christian thriller full of suspense, a little romance and an exciting storyline.  But I know the author and I felt like I got this glimpse into this new part of my friend.  That ended just a few chapters in, however, as I was sucked into a world full of emotion, suspense and twists I wasn’t expecting.

Unfortunately, I don’t read much fiction any more.  Most of my reading is in preparation for Bible studies and personal development, but I was headed on vacation and Unintended Target had just come out so I ordered my copy and boarded a plane.  I’m so glad I took it with me because as I sat on the beach listening to the waves crash in, I truly relaxed.  I had nothing stopping me from reading the next page, the next chapter and eventually the whole stinkin’ book!

Okay, so I’ve given a fairly positive review so far and I promised to be candid, so here’s my complaints.  I’ve got two:

  1.  I only took ONE book with me on vacation (I know that part isn’t Deanna’s fault) and obviously that ONE book was Unintended Target.  I tried to pace myself to make it last the entire time away but it was so good I couldn’t stop and I finished it too early.  I still had time left on my vacation and I was out of book!  Literally, I finished the book and I was ready to go home.
  2. There wasn’t a next book–not yet anyway.  Sometimes I purposely don’t start a TV series until it comes out on Netflix and the series is over because I don’t want to wait for the next season.  I’d rather binge on the whole series.  I could definitely binge on this book series.  I’m glad I didn’t wait for the whole series to come out, however.  If I hadn’t read this book, I wouldn’t know how good it is and be able to tell you to run (don’t walk) your fingers over to Amazon to get your copy.  It’s clean, its interesting and basically…you’ll love it.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with all points of this review! I just started reading Unintended Target this week and I cannot wait to pick it up each night! If I didn’t have a job and kids to care for I would be absolutely useless until I finished it. It is that good! Well done, D.L. Wood (a.k.a. our super-woman friend, Deanna.)

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