Spiritual People Are About Tiny Things

Spiritual People Are About Tiny Things

I’m taken by this excerpt from Mike Yaconelli’s book Messy Spirituality:

As you seek the adventure of God’s plan for your life, you discover it is in the insignificant and small where God shows up and moves in powerful ways.

There is a sweetness as we look back and remember His faithfulness and delight in God’s presence in the small.

What about this excerpt speaks to you?

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  1. Reluctant Growth is still growth…. sometimes I am just downright stubborn because I have bought into the lie that if I am not self sufficient I am a failure. So God gently directs me to Himself even with my trust issues. On a Walk to Emmaus two weeks ago, I laid down 40 years of shame and left it at the Cross. Hey it only took 40 years, but that is progress.

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