Spiritual People Are About Tiny Things

I’m taken by this excerpt from Mike Yaconelli’s book Messy Spirituality:

As you seek the adventure of God’s plan for your life, you discover it is in the insignificant and small where God shows up and moves in powerful ways.

There is a sweetness as we look back and remember His faithfulness and delight in God’s presence in the small.

What about this excerpt speaks to you?

3 thoughts on “Spiritual People Are About Tiny Things

  1. Reluctant Growth is still growth…. sometimes I am just downright stubborn because I have bought into the lie that if I am not self sufficient I am a failure. So God gently directs me to Himself even with my trust issues. On a Walk to Emmaus two weeks ago, I laid down 40 years of shame and left it at the Cross. Hey it only took 40 years, but that is progress.

  2. Dear beloved sister Bobi Ann in Christ
    Greetings you in the wonderful name of Jesus. I really Thank God that he has privileged me to write this letter to you for your kind involvement in my ministry.

    I am Evangelist George Raju Vara. As He called me to serve Him I have been doing the ministry in the surrounding villages in South india .

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    I believe that your involvement will enable us to lead many in to salvation. Because India is a country of idolatry and superstitions. Indians worship Thousands of Gods and goddesses. Out of one billion Indians only 2.4% are Christians. In such a condition we have been doing the work of God. Our aim is to reach every nook and corner and promote the Gospel to every perishing soul. We believe that God has made us to approach you for your kind Co-operation to achieve our goal. Please uphold our Ministry in your regular prayers.

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    We have been looking after some orphan children. Every orphan child has a heart breaking history. We found them in a miserable and sympathetic condition. They lost their parents in cyclones, floods, fire accidents etc. We brought them to us to take care of them. In the beginning it was beyond our limits to console them. They slowly accustomed to our love and care. Our aim is to bring them up in Godliness and see that they are living witness to Jesus. Unfortunately our resources are very limited and so we are not able to feed them regularly two times a day. Some of them get up at mid nights and begin to cry, because they are hungry. For want of funds we are not able to give them sufficient food. At such times they get up from their plates with their half filled bellies. And so they seat o be gloomy and sick we have to provide them food, shelter, clothes, coverings send them to school and pay their medical bills. But it is very difficult for us to look after all these needs in these days of famine and soaring prices.

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    Please stretch your hand of compassion to fill their bellies and wipe the tears on their tender cheeks as a godmother & godfather. Please convey our heartily greetings to all who are Co-operating with you in your work. The orphan children are burden fully praying to God to bring you their way. I await your kind reply hopefully and prayerfully.


    In His love.

    Evangelist George Raju Vara

    Bapujinagar H.No.56-1-132


    KAKINADA-533002. A.P, S.India

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