Be-Atitudes–Week 2

Be-Atitudes–Week 2

In our previous lesson, we finished by studying the blessing received by those who recognized their destitute state apart from Jesus. The first beatitude is foundational for the rest of the beatitudes we will study over the coming weeks.

In this week’s lessons, we will consider what it means to mourn and why Jesus would consider a state a grief a declaration for blessing.

As you work through the lessons, really seek God’s presence. Let Him in the dark areas you don’t want anyone to see. Trust me, something special happens as we begin to give even the hardest areas of our life over to Jesus. He’s trustworthy with and is in the heart-changing business.

Remember to check out the discussion questions in the comments. It is a great way to connect with others who are studying alongside you and experiencing God’s movement in their own lives.

Week 2 Video 1 Handout

Be-Atitudes–Week 2A from Bobi Ann Allen on Vimeo.

Week 2 Video 2 Handout

Be-Atitudes–Week 2B from Bobi Ann Allen on Vimeo.

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