Parenting Is Hard and Other Obvious Statements

girl with glasses1I need to take a minute and just talk about parenting for a second. Parenting is hard. The sky is blue, 2+2 is 4 and the earth revolves around the sun.  I’m not trying to simply state the obvious but sometimes it has to be said. Parenting. Is. Hard. We’ve reached the point in our summer where I just need to say out loud “Parenting is hard.” Can I get an “Amen” up in here?

When it comes to moving there is just so much. So many emotions. So many changes and in our case, so many new people and its a lot to take in.  The reality is that I haven’t given up all together. I’ve parented the best I could within my capacity but there has been so much less of me. My capacity was smaller and I had less to give.

So, I’ve offered grace…grace to my children, grace to myself and with so much grace…we’ve gotten a bit lazy. I’ve gotten lazier as a parent and they’ve gotten lazier as the subjects! Yes, I just referred to my children as “subjects.”

Stating “Parenting is hard” does not give me a pass from striving to be the best parent I could be.

The spiritual lessons here are rich. As believers, we are offered abounding grace—more grace than we realize. However, it is normal and natural for grace to make us lazy. We excuse indiscretion based on our circumstances. Understandably, because our circumstances affect our experience. Yet, when it comes to the shaping of lives—giving room to God to transform us—a slip can become a slippery slope.

A life of godliness much like effective parenting requires intentionality. It demands regular self-examination and often it means hitting the reset button.

And that’s where we are in parenting. We are hitting the reset button. Our new life is still new but yet, shaping the lives of the children we’ve been entrusted with isn’t a new assignment. It requires regular intentionality and it’s hard. Parenting is hard. Simply saying it out loud doesn’t change it’s meaning or excuse a lack of attention or effort.

Thankfully, even in my shortcomings as a believer and a parent, God picks up the slack. If I give Him room—He continues to transform and shape me, my parenting skills and my children.

Question: What are the areas in your life either spiritually or otherwise where you’ve grown lazy because of too much grace?

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