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  1. Good morning and welcome to Warrior Up! I am Kari, I’m Bobi Ann’s assistant for this study. We would love for you to post a comment and tell us who you are, where you are from, and anything else you’d like to share! The comment section will sort of be our “meeting place” each week, so let’s get to know each other!

    1. Hey all! My name is Stephanie Monk. I am from Madison, Al. I am married to my wonderful husband of 7 years and we have a 2 year old daughter named Piper. I am a Mary Kay beauty consultant, and I also work as a registered nurse one day a week. I look forward to getting to know you guys, and for all of us to grow in our relationship with God together!

    2. Hi everyone. I’m Holly from New Jersey. I have 3 “children” and 2 grandchildren. I’ve had an interest in Spiritual Warfare and the role that God’s word plays as a defense and way of life. I’m looking forward to this study.

    3. My name is Kellie Evans. I live in Huntsville, AL but I grew up in Russellville, AL. I have lived in Huntsville for 10 years and I am an elementary school teacher. I’m excited about this online Bible study!!

    4. Hi! I’m Katie Hodge. I have been married for 7 years, we have a 3 year old son and another son due next month! I work from home for a company my husband owns. Looking forward to being able to have a Bible Study online!!!!

    5. Good morning! I’m Stephanie Adams, and I live in Madison, AL. I’m originally from Conyers, GA and have lived so many places. I recently celebrated living in one place for 8 years…longest I’ve lived anywhere! I’m married and have two little ones. I’m a stay at home mom for now. I love women’s Bible study!!

    6. Hi, I’m Jeannie from Huntsville. My husband, Russ, and I have been married 33 years and have 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren. After enjoying years as a stay- at-home mom, I am now an empty nester and enjoy my job on Redstone Arsenal. This online bible study really fills a need for those of us who can’t attend one during the day. I am really interested in studying spiritual warfare. I pray that by being ever cognizant of the realm of spiritual warfare, I can make better daily choices in my walk with the Lord, focusing on how much he loves me!! Ladies, I’m really excited about the next 12 weeks!

    7. Hi, my name is Michelle, my friends know me as Chelle. I live in the Uk, have been married for 15 years to my lovely hubby Carl. I have a 14 year old daughter and 10 year old son. I have been a full time minister for 22 years, 7 years alone and for the last 15 years have shared the responsibility for church leadership with my husband. Had two years of psychotherapy because we encountered Spiritual warfare at its most fiercest. Now restored to full wholeness by God’s wonderful love and power, I am keen to learn ore about how to fight the fight better.

    8. Hi, my name is Michelle, my friends know me as Chelle. I live in the Uk, have been married for 15 years to my lovely hubby Carl. I have a 14 year old daughter and 10 year old son. I have been a full time minister for 22 years, 7 years alone and for the last 15 years have shared the responsibility for church leadership with my husband. Had two years of psychotherapy because we encountered Spiritual warfare at its most fiercest. Now restored to full wholeness by God’s wonderful love and power, I am keen to learn more about how to fight the fight better.

    9. Hey to all! I am Diane Huntley married to the love of my life for 36 yrs!! Been in Huntsville, AL since fall of 2006. Have 5 grandchildren with one more on the way! (all in Texas!!) 🙁 I have a new challenge in my life that is weighing heavy on me–my mom moved in with us a year ago. Therefore, I am so looking fwd to this online study.

      1. Diane, I’m so excited to have you…I’ll miss you on Thursday mornings but what a great option for you with for this stage. You and my mom should commiserate about missing grandchildren…just in opposite states!

    10. Good Morning! My name is Michelle. I am from Chino, CA. Married for 18 years, we have no children. I am really looking forward to this study and really grinding my feet in the ground to be able to stand firm in God’s truth! God Bless!

    11. Hey y’all! I’m Leah Parker. Huntsville has been my home for the last 16 years. I’m really looking forward to this online Bible Study!

    12. Hi, my name is Sandy Coleman. I “live” in Harvest, AL, traveling A LOT with my husband (of 8 years) and our soon to be 3 year old little girl. I am a stay at home mom and a Graphic Designer, artist/illustrator from home. I’m still learning to juggle that! Once I get somewhat of a handle on it, we hit some new stage of development with the little one and I’m thrown of track. Bobi Ann, this online study couldn’t have happened at a better time for me, I imagine. Not only will I not have to miss Thursday morning Bible studies, but I will also be studying together with other awesome women on such an important and fitting topic of study. So excited!

    13. Hi! I am Beth McDaniel and I live in Ft. Smith, AR. I am married to Billy(19 years) and mom to John Mark(11) and Ford(9). My husband is a pastor at East Side Baptist Church. I am an accountant and I work from home. Currently, I am battling breast cancer along with the other spiritual battles that come daily from the enemy. My husband served on staff with Bobi Ann’s husband in Texas. I am looking forward to this study and what God has to say!

    14. Hi, I’m Amy Link. I live in Huntsville and am newly married. I’m also a new stay-at-home Mom to four children of our blended family. I need to do another Bible Study on Thursday mornings that would help with some of our family issues, but I really WANT to do this study on spiritual warfare as I believe that it is very, very real and just not discussed enough. So, this online study is a WONDERFUL way for me to do it!

    15. Hi Ladies! I’m Andress, BobiAnn’s cousin. I live in College Station, TX with my husband and two children. We recently moved back here from Dallas and this study is a blessing since I don’t have one in town yet. BA the first lesson I had goose bumps the whole time! So excited to be apart of this! I’ll catch up as soon as I can! One note – I have a note in my Bible that in Gen 1:2 “Spirit of God” translates “face of God” in Hebrew. Cool!


  2. Discussion Question 1:

    How does identifying the specific ways God loves us also help us to identify Satan’s ways and intents?

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    1. I think it helps us to distinguish between the negativity from outside sources or voices inside our head that will ultimately keep us from, or distract us from following through with God’s perfect will for our lives. If we know the ways God loves us we can use it as ammunition to fight back against the plots of Satan.

    2. This demonstrates that not only knowing God’s word (head belief) because even the demons believe who is; but the importance of “heart belief” that creates that intimate relationship with God..

      1. So true. I see this really is what changes everything, Carol. The difference between a head knowledge and a real connection that displays itself as a growing, living faith is what sets the enemy against us. The moment we cross over that line and move from simple knowledge of God to placing our faith in Him, we declare allegiance to God, thereby making us enemies of evil.

    3. A new understanding for me that Spiritual Warfare as defined by “tension between God and the enemy. What are they fighting over? ME! It is a battle of Good vs Evil. The only hope I have of being “good” is Jesus! So my only hope of being successful as a warrior is to get closer and closer to God.
      Press IN, Hold ON and Warrior UP! Powerful!! Thank You Bobi Ann

    4. Satan is the father of lies. As Bobi Ann read Genesis 3 in the video, I kept thinking about how he twists the truth. If we identify God’s ways of love and begin to build a firm foundation for our beliefs, it helps us to identify those lies from the enemy.

    5. It is great that Bobi Ann starts by outlining God’s love for us. We know His works because they come from love, they do not bring dis-ease or strife, they are designed to protect, provide and promote relationship. Satan’s acts are designed to deplete those resources, to disarm us and destroy our relationship. They create disease and tension.

    6. I think it helps us discern the lies of satan and to be able to stand firm in God’s truth during those times of combat. It helps us not to be fooled and it gives us strength. It strengthens our faith and our walk with God.

    7. I must agree with you all (Late to the game this week)! As we identify specific ways God loves us, we can better see satan’s contrasting ways. The more we know God and how He loves us, the better aware we will be of what is coming from the enemy.

    8. It’s so hard for me to wrap my brain around How Much God loves me (and you)! What an enormous help in difficult times and our amazing eternal hope for the future to abide in His Great love! One of my favorite passages about God’s love is:
      “See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him. Beloved, we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is. And everyone who thus hopes in him purifies himself as he is pure.”(‭1 John‬ ‭3‬:‭1-3‬ ESV)

  3. Discussion Question 2:

    When sin entered the world in the Garden of Eden, it destroyed the intimacy Adam and Eve had enjoyed with God. How does sin in our lives block our intimacy with God?

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    1. When we get caught up in our own desires and worldly ways, we become distracted from God and his ways. We become dependent on our own views and seek God less and less. We find less time to read His word and less time to pray.

    2. When I know I’ve sinned, I feel horrible. Sometimes, I feel like a failure. I feel like I’ve disappointed and hurt my Abba Father. And it never fails to surprise me that I want to hide, much like Adam and Eve did. Over the years, I’ve begun to learn that God is still waiting on me with open arms. It’s the lies of guilt and shame that hold me back. Recognizing that was a turning point for me…why pull back when my heavenly Daddy is waiting on me to run back to Him?

    3. For me, the intimacy is destroyed because although I can pretend to the world that all is well, God sees my innermost being. I cannot pretend to him and if I have us repented sin, or wilful disobedience in my life, I find it hard to be in his presence and I sometimes hold back from spending time with him.

    4. My sin distracts me from my relationship with God. Of course guilt sets in and I stay distant at times instead of confessing my sin and returning to fellowship. That right there is spiritual warfare! The enemy bring guilt and shame.
      Oh how I am in need of this study!

    5. It is a distraction. It steals His time with us. Sin divides our intimacy with Him. It hurts us in more intricate ways. It allows a door for doubt and lies, for shame and other sins. Stephanie, you’re so right. The lies of satan and the world of shame hold us back from that intimacy that we want with God. He’s waiting for us. He’s found justice for the sin already and compassionate, loving, and faithful.

    6. So many great responses about the broken intimacy with God caused by sin. From my own experience I am learning that my selfishness, bad attitude, little white lies that can spiral into ugly mountains of deception and hurt can lead to guilt, depression and brokenness which Is right where Satan wants us. Thank God for His love which can cover a multitude of sin (with sincere confession and repentance). 1 John 1:9

    7. God almost… I hate to say… Nags at me when I’ve done wrong. He’ll bring it up, I brush it away or either I’ll come clean with it immediately. I cannot enjoy my intimacy with Him when I’ve got a sin in my life. I’ve got to deal with it. It is like the proverbial elephant in the room for us.

  4. Discussion Question 3:

    Can you see evidence of God’s pursuit of you? Do you see proof of His inexhaustible love for you?

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    1. #3. No doubt. If you just stop and reflect on where you are going and where you end up and you have allowed God to move you along instead of trying so hard on your own, miracles happen.

    2. I can absolutely see evidence of Gods pursuit of me…in the little things. A song on the radio, a friends encouraging words, a perfect sermon on just the right day!

    3. When I look back and remember my past (sins He forgave, pulling me out of my pit, trials He carried me through) and see how He has grown me, I am overwhelmed by His love for me. No matter what I am facing, God’s love is something that I can hold on to! I can trust His hand knowing that He has me.

    4. I can totally see God’s hand of pursuit. There have been many spiritual battle scars in my life. Some of my own making. Some out of ignorance and others from just because the Devil knew we were a threat and threw all he had to throw. God has never allowed me to endure anything he couldn’t save, heal, forgive, deliver me from.

    5. I can see evidence of God’s pursuit of me. In songs, in what I listen on the Christian talk radio….love how it always meets me right where I am at. No coincidences with God. I see the proof. Just wish I wouldn’t be so stubborn sometimes when I need to confess my sin and allow Him to catch me.

    6. I do see evidence in His pursuit of me. I see it in so many ways. There’s not enough space to begin. I am a talker and could go on and on about how, in the last 31 years (and even before that), He has been pursuing me. I love how this question is worded. It really makes me look and dwell on the ways He’s loved me. Both in big and small ways… In grand moments, as He’s sharing His creation with me, showing off, in moments where He meets the smallest of my needs, and of course in the in between moments where you’re just amazed by the God moments… My words are like a banging gong on this question in contrast to His love for me. What a great way to start my day! A question to save a dwell on again for sure!

    7. Yes and yes – both big and small! New mercies every day!!
      Just a few of proofs of God’s great love for me: family, friends, neighbors – make life so fun and interesting; home, health and the beauty of nature. God’s love in big and small ways continue to amaze me!

      Love all the previous posts…

    8. ABSOLUTELY!!! He just doesn’t let me go! Even when there were times that I walked away, ashamed and unworthy and believing the enemy’s lie that I wasn’t good enough, even for God, He found me in my pit and pulled me out! That’s the amazing way that He loves!

  5. Yes. I can see evidence in the situations God places me, the people who He places in my life, especially when the only explanation for an event, timing or meeting where I find myself saying, “That is a GOD thing!” Looking back at my life path, I can clearly see how God has directed and pursued me.

  6. I was having some technical glitches with the video. At one point, the audio and video got out of sync. And when BobiAnn whispered, I couldn’t tell what she was saying even with my volume maxed out. I have some hearing issues anyway, so it may be just me. Wondering if anyone else had these issues.

      1. Okay, I’ve been watching it again and I think the whisper part is pretty hard to hear. I’m going to have to try to make sure I talk loudly enough. I don’t know if it has ever been said of me that I wasn’t loud enough! Thanks for the feedback. We’ll being working to improve and make this better each week. Thanks for your patience.

  7. Hi All,

    I am Brittany and from Madison, AL. I am wife to Robert, mommy to Abigail, and a part-time nurse. My husband and I were part of the launch team for Willowbrook at Madison and are still involved at that campus. I am excited about this online study since I cannot attend in person this semester. I look forward to getting to know all of you ladies!

  8. Hi! I’m Jennifer, from Texas. I married my high school sweetheart 13 years ago and we have two precious daughters. Looking forward to this study!

  9. Hello! My name is Kathy. I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I am a wife, mother and grandmother. Many years ago Bobi Ann told me she wanted to be a minister to women and to teach them. This is so exciting to be a part of what God put in her heart so many years ago! I am looking forward to the days ahead with all of you!

  10. Good morning everyone,
    I know I am a day late in posting this; I do apologize. I got called into my day job yesterday morning and did not have time to look or post anything yesterday. So here we go….
    My name is Kara. I am recent transplant to the Huntsville, Al area. My son, who is 5; and I have been here just a little over a month and we absolutely love it! I am also a recent college graduate, looking for employment. I am also recently separated. I am currently working 2 part time jobs in Hampton Cove (chick fil a and tortora’s; if your in the area come on in and say hi. If I’m not at one, I’m usually at the other). I love learn and meeting new people. If anyone in the area would like to get together in person, please let me know because I would love to meet you and sit and talk.
    I am looking forward to this study because I am already in spiritual warfare because of what is going on in my personal life. The devil is using my current situation to attack. He is using my need for control over my life as the battle ground. I am control freak and a bit OCD. I have remind myself that there is JOY in life around me; sometimes I just have to look for it because it’s not always in front of my face.

    1. Kara, welcome to Huntsville!! Sounds like you are one hard working mama! If you happen to be free on Thursday mornings, we offer this same study (and others) live on campus at Willowbrook Baptist Church. Would be a great way to meet some folks! Either way, we are thrilled to have you join us online for this study. Good luck on the job hunt!

  11. I am so excited to join this bible study! I have been in Huntsville for seven years. Came from DC, but was a military brat and wandered the globe. Also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel extensively in my former job. I am single (divorced) and looking for that wonderful partner, but in the interim recognize that God is sufficient and always has been.

  12. Hi Everyone!

    My name is Kena and I’m late to the party but excited to begin. I’m married with a 4 year old son, Grayson. I live in the Harvest area and attend WAM. I’m a Realtor/Listing Partner in Madison County/Hsv. I love that this online option is available! This is my first bible study to participate in outside of a life group.

  13. Desirae Blythe from Uniontown, Kansas. I am a special education teacher. I have been married 16 years with to kids; Meg 16 and Mark 10. I am a little behind as school has started back and I am trying to balance God, family, and work. God is the only way I can get through my day. I plan to use this study during my morning quiet time. I so want to be more aware and knowledgeable about our amazing God.

  14. Good morning friends! My name is Joy from Kilgore, TX (Bobi Ann’s) hometown. Completed the intro to our Bible Study but have been interrupted three times on Lesson 1 and the listening guide. (Also have hearing issues – will the completed form be posted? I have a couple of blanks, but will listen with ear buds today.). Thanking God for His great love, for choosing and using Bobi Ann & Kari! Praying for each of us as we continue the study.

    1. Mrs. Joy, so glad you are joining us. I’ll post a completed listening guide because I can’t stand to have empty blanks! There were some audio issues with this lesson that we didn’t realize until after it was already posted that made it difficult to hear some of the lesson. I think I’ve corrected those…for sure by lesson 3. I’m using a mic to record lesson 3…lesson 2 is already recorded but I watched all the way through it and thought the audio was much better. Let me know if you have any other issues. We’re all learning how to do this together!

      1. Thanks BobiAnn for your sweet reply! I was able to complete Lesson 1 without interruptions today and it was great! Found the completed listening guide, too, so filled in a few blanks. ; )

        Know your Mom must be SO happy you went “back to the Garden of Eden” to begin this study. We often revisited Genesis 3 when we studied together in Sunday School years ago! The truths in God’s Word brings new light and application every time we seek Him! Thanks again for leading this study and your sweet spirit helping and welcoming all of us!

        Blessings to you & yours…

  15. Hi everyone. My name is Beth Schindler. I am a working mom. Married almost 24 years to Denny. We have 2 children. Our son Corbin is 21 and our daughter Kayla is 18. She just started college in Bay Minette a week ago. Life has changed and I am ready for new beginnings. I am looking forward to this online study.

  16. So thankful for this study! I’m Sarah, wife to Matt, momma to Mason and Easton. I’m also a new homeschooling momma this year, so I’m thankful to have a study online!! I’ll probably be late to the party each week, but I’ll be here!

  17. Hello! My name is Danica and I currently reside in Plano TX. I am a wife to my husband Neil (11 yrs) and mother to an amazing young teen, Hannah! I am from Kilgore and have known Bobi Ann since elementary school. God worked through her even in those early years! Having this online connection brings back so many memories. I truly appreciate the ability to listen to God’s word through the guidance of such an amazing person. Even though I may not get to view the lessons as soon as they are posted I am eager to see what comes each week in my quiet moments. I look forward to participating in future online studies, to draw nearer to our God, and apply this knowledge to my life.

    1. Danica,
      I had no idea you were doing this study! So excited to have you join us! You’ll love getting to know so many of the amazing wornen in this study. I love that you’re doing this with us!

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