Priscilla Shirer Live Call Team

Thank you your interest in participating in the Priscilla Shirer Live Call Team. Please take a few minutes to watch the training/vision video. You can find other resources on this page which should assist in your calls. If I can help you in any way or answer any questions, please fill out the comment form below to send me an email. It is such an honor for me serve alongside you as we serve God’s Kingdom together.

PSL Call Team training from Bobi Ann Allen on Vimeo.

Register contact for Priscilla Shirer Live–Huntsville Network here

Suggested Call Script: here

As you make phone calls, please record your call and information on this form By completing this form, we will know what follow-up is needed as well as what contacts have been made.

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  1. Thank you, Bobi Ann, for this very helpful and encouraging video. I’m excited about working with you and about Priscilla’s coming to Huntsville and about what God is planning through this event. Praying, Kathy

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