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warrior up

Spiritual warfare is real. Yet, many believers aren’t educated about the what or hows of this invisible struggle. We often underestimate the intent of the enemy and overestimate our own power to combat his powerful attack. Warrior Up sets the course for us as we begin to recognize and respond to the Enemy’s resistance to our position in Christ. Join me for this 12-week study and discussion on spiritual warfare.

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Weekly 20 minute video lesson
Weekly homework
Listening Guide
Online Discussion in comment section

Resource Note:  In preparation for this study, I have read through a book by Leighann McCoy called Spiritual Warfare for Women.  I would encourage you to pick this book for your own benefit.  I also wanted to give credit to some of my teaching material to this book as well.

[su_button url=”http://bobiann.com/warrior-up-lesson-1/” background=”#f25e57″ color=”#ffffff” size=”6″ wide=”yes”]Lesson 1[/su_button]
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[su_button url=”http://bobiann.com/warrior-up-lesson-5/” background=”#6ea3c7″ color=”#ffffff” size=”6″ wide=”yes”]Lesson 5[/su_button]
[su_button url=”http://bobiann.com/warrior-up-lesson-6/” background=”#49aab3″ color=”#ffffff” size=”6″ wide=”yes”]Lesson 6[/su_button]
[su_button url=”http://bobiann.com/warrior-up-lesson-7/” background=”#337842″ color=”#ffffff” size=”6″ wide=”yes”]Lesson 7[/su_button]
[su_button url=”http://bobiann.com/warrior-up-lesson-8/” background=”#d1e3a8″ color=”#ffffff” size=”6″ wide=”yes”]Lesson 8[/su_button]
[su_button url=”http://bobiann.com/warrior-up-lesson-9/” background=”#e5b513″ color=”#ffffff” size=”6″ wide=”yes”]Lesson 9[/su_button]
[su_button url=”http://bobiann.com/warrior-up-lesson-10/” background=”#e56813″ color=”#ffffff” size=”6″ wide=”yes”]Lesson 10[/su_button]
[su_button url=”http://bobiann.com/warrior-up-lesson-11/” background=”#903434″ color=”#ffffff” size=”6″ wide=”yes”]Lesson 11[/su_button]
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  1. I am so looking forward to studying with you. You seem like someone I would really like to know. I love how your love of God shows so readily. Thank you for this opportunity to learn about Spiritual Warfare.

  2. Hi.
    Keeps saying Private video and I’m not allowed to watch? I’ve tried to re register but not working. 🙁

  3. I love reading all the discussion…I feel like there should be a “like” or “favorite” button. 🙂 Thanks so much for everyone that has gotten in on the discussion. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any thoughts or prayer needs you don’t want to share with the entire group. If you have a prayer need the group can pray for please reply to this comment.

  4. I’m a little late to the study, but I can’t wait to study with you guys! Thanks Bobbi Ann, this is really an answered prayer!

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