Be-Atitudes–Week 6

This is it! And I’m going out with a bang! Ever wonder what it’s like when the doorbell rings while I’m videoing?!? Find out at the end of the first video this week. To be honest, I was at the very, very end of recording and I just couldn’t bring myself to recording it all over. So, you get to see what it’s really like to be interrupted!

It has been such a treat to study a passage of Scripture with such rich application. I’ve been stretched and challenged to submit myself to God’s authority recognizing it is through the power of His Spirit that I am transformed and He receives the most glory.

Thank you for learning alongside me! I would love your input and suggestions for future studies.

Week 6 Video 1 handout

Be-Atitudes–Week 6A from Bobi Ann Allen on Vimeo.

Week 6 Video 2 Handout

beatitudes week 6b from Bobi Ann Allen on Vimeo.

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