And Suddenly…

…everything changed.  Every covenant, every law, every sacrifice was replaced because of something new, something needed.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not recognize it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19

Today, Christmas Day, we celebrate Jesus.  We rejoice for He came to do a new a thing.  There is something in the very nature of God that desires a new beginning.  Not because He needs one, but because we do.

Think about it, God has no beginning and He certainly doesn’t need to start over.  It’s us…we need a new beginning.

My Kati Ann loves to play games.  One of her favorite board games is Pop-o-Matic Trouble.


You’re probably familiar with it, but you pop the plastic shell in the middle of the board to roll your dice.  Depending on the number you get, determines whether your move is beneficial or whether you are in “Trouble.”

Kati Ann definitely understands the game and sometimes after she pops the plastic shell in the middle, she’ll be frustrated with the number she “rolled”.  She’ll turn to me and ask, “Mom, can I have a do over?”

[Tweet ” We have Christmas because we need a do-over.”]  We need a new beginning.  All around us, there is tragedy, misfortune, heartache, discouragement and decline.  We mess up.  We blow it.  We stumble and fall.  We get away from God.  We sin.  We find ourselves hopeless, wishing we could fix it, make it better or do it over.


[Tweet “Jesus came as a little baby to fix it, make it better, give us a do-over.”]  You’ve heard it before.  Don’t let it be white noise this year because you’ve heard it so many times.  Don’t miss your chance for a do-over.  Because suddenly…everything changed.

Merry-Christmas nativity 1


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