A Monogram…of Course

As a girl born and raised in the south, I truly appreciate the value of a monogram.  If you aren’t from the south, it might seem hard to understand why southerners enjoy initials on everything.  To be honest, I’m not sure if I understand it, either. However, I do know I like it.  So, I when I came across this adorable idea on Pinterest to put our monogram in a frame, I was in!

In case you’re wondering, BAJ is for Bobi Ann & Jared Allen.


It wasn’t too hard.  I actually ordered the vinyl letters, so I didn’t make them myself.  It didn’t cost much to have someone make them.  I’d tell you an amount if I could remember, but I made this several months ago.  I’ve forgotten.

I already had this frame sitting in my garage, but you can buy backless frames at Bed, Bath & Beyond and probably Hobby Lobby.

The frame comes with 2 pieces of glass.  Here are the steps I took to make this happen:

1.  I cleaned the glass.  A little vinegar or Windex and the dust and grime from the garage was gone.

2. I measured.  I found the center of the glass and the center of my monogram.

3.  I marked.  I used a dry erase marker (that will easily wipe off of glass) to mark where monogram should go based on my measurements.

4.  I carefully peeled the backing off of the vinyl and put it in place.

5.  I made sure it was just like I wanted.  Then I smoothed down the vinyl onto the glass.

6. I put it in the frame and hung it on the wall.

And done!  I was one happy, little Texan living in Alabama soaking in all my southern roots!

Question:  What creative things have you done with your monogram?  I could easily get out of hand, but I’m dying to know!

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  1. My sister-in-law gave us 100 monogrammed disposable cups for a wedding gift (for that party I still need to throw!). They say EWE & ME (“EWE” as in female sheep, pronounced “YOU” and “ME”). Took my husband a while to understand why she didn’t use his middle initial – it would have thrown off the initial pun. But I love that our initials work out to “EWE” and “ME”. Not why I married my husband, but it sure makes me smile!

  2. I’ve done shirts, sweatshirts, cups, car decals, laptop monograms, etched mirrors. Now I am thinking about a family tree of letters.

  3. I love your blog and I love the monogram idea. I’m going to try it as soon as I can. You are a beautiful young mother and wife and I so enjoy reading about your life . I am a childhood friend of your mother. Your grandfather taught me in the 4th grade and your grandmother in college. Keep the blog going– it’s a joy to read. Vickie

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