An Open Letter to Winter

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Dear Winter,

Like it or not, you’ve over-stayed your welcome.  I know you were scheduled to visit until the end of March but it looks like we might need you to check out sooner.  I’ve heard they have some vacancies for you in the Caribbean.  Since you don’t visit them as often, it would probably be a welcome stay for you.

However, you are no longer welcome here.  I don’t mean to be harsh and I don’t want you to take it personally.  Every year when you come to visit, I find the cooler weather refreshing.  But just as a fish and house guests begin to stink after about three days…well, so have you.  Your visits cause me to feel trapped.  I know you don’t technically lock the door to my house keeping me inside but because of the frigid wind and the gloomy skies, I don’t really want to go outside.  It doesn’t take long for my house-arrest to cause me to become downcast and sad.  The normally cheery side of my disposition is replaced with the constant struggle to not sit and eat my emotions.  Besides the seasonal affect,  your visit causes illness to be spread around among my friends and family.  We all breathe the same, dry air inside our comfortable prisons and share germs.  I know you’ve tried to make it more bearable and you don’t mean to cause so much misery.  I understand your intentions are good.  You want to ready us for spring.  Your intent to prepare us for warmer weather is quite effective.  In fact, I’ve been googling pools and dreaming of the beach.  But I realize I’ve become selfish.  I’ve hogged the summer for myself.  You probably want just a peek into the glory of everything warm.

I have to confess this perspective didn’t come to me on my own.  Your friend, Olaf, shared a little insight that I hadn’t noticed.  You miss out on summer and sunshine and heat.  So, no more.  I’m letting go.  I know you’d like to stay and though I appreciate your occasional visits.  It is time–time for you to spread your wings.  Experience new things and get a feel for life on the beach, the warmth, the humid air.

It has been real and it’s been fun but honestly, it hasn’t been real fun.

Good Tidings to you, dear Winter.  Be safe.  Pack some sunscreen.  I’ll see you next year.


Bobi Ann & all her summer-lovin’ friends

Of course, this post was just meant to be funny and allow me to lament over my desire for warmer weather.  I don’t want to, however, make light of those who are suffering through frigid temperatures during the winter.  I don’t need any Jesus jukes–just trying to have a little fun.  Happy Winter to all!

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