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I love spending my days doing real life. I’m forever folding underwear, unloading dishwashers and hunting for my people’s lost stuff. 

 I enjoy digging into God's Word as I write words of hope and encouragement

My mission is to nurture the spiritual growth of women and I'm so honored when God opens the door for me to fulfill that assignment.

Bobi Ann's Speaking Topics

  • How to Accurately and Honestly Assess Your True Worth: Scripture calls you a masterpiece. However, many of us question our value and purpose because we haven’t taken the time to study and appraise the details and intricacies God use when creating us as His work of art. Bobi Ann walks through Biblical truths and practical resources that will teach your audience how to embrace and live out the plans and purpose God has planned for each of them.

  • With Eyes Wide Open: Between busy schedules, personal demands and persistent pressures, many of us silently wonder where God is and why we aren’t experiencing His presence. Working through her own deceptive emotions and persistent anxieties, Bobi And has learned to stop sleep walking through her days and has trained her eyes to see God hand at work. Bobi Ann will equip your audience with Biblical evidence and practical application to live lives aware of God’s power and presence. (this one can easily be turned into a retreat with 4 separate lessons)

  • Beggars Gonna Beg: What do you do when you’re not enough? As a seasoned ministry leader, Bobi Ann found herself at the end of her rope. God had given her an assignment far outside her level of education and experience. Despite her best efforts, Bobi Ann found herself facing burnout and despair until she finally broke down and begged God for help. Through Bobi Ann’s compelling personal story and biblical truth, your audience will be left challenged and encouraged to acknowledge their need for God’s intervention and met with evidence of God’s compassionate reception.

  • Living Your Priorities: Run on the treadmill, read my Bible, a night out with the girls, clean the house, feed the dog, volunteer at my child’s school, date my husband…so many choices on how to spend my time, and all of them good. But I can’t do them all…so how do I choose? How do I prioritize my life without losing my mind? In this message, Bobi Ann explains 3 important questions to ask when setting priorities while challenging your audience to take intentional steps to not only set priorities but to live them out.

What Others Are Saying

“Bobi Ann is a bundle of energy and sheer joy. Her love for women is contagious and when she teaches the Bible, her gift of encouragement makes learning easy”

--Leighann McCoy, womens’ pastor and author of Spiritual Warfare for Women, Nashville, TN

“Bobi Ann Allen teaches the Word of God in a clear, precise way. She does a fantastic job teaching the truth, while also connecting in a very real way to women of all ages.”

----Sarah Williams, Immanual Baptist Church, Temple, TX

“Wisdom, insight, compassion and humor mixed with biblical principles and practical application describe Bobi Ann Allen as a speaker and trainer of leaders. Bobi Ann has impacted my life in a profound way. She is a leader of leaders. She will have an unforgettable effect on all who are privileged to experience her teaching.”

--Simone Monroe, National women’s ministry consultant and women’s pastor, Lakepointe Church, Rockwall, TX

“Bobi Ann instantly connects with a group of women. She welcomes you into her world, and as she does, you hear yourself whispering "me too." Bobi Ann's love for God's Word is evident as she teaches and leads women to apply its wisdom to their lives.”-

---Stephanie Adams, women’s ministry leader, Willowbrook Church, Huntsville, AL 

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