Join the Jesus, Our Joy Study

written and taught by Bobi Ann Allen

Paul’s letter to the Philippian church challenges us in a practical and relevant way. As believers become distracted by tense relationships, difficult circumstances and spiritual failure, Paul calls Christians to press on in their pursuit of Christ. He inspires us to adjust our attitudes, tame our thought life and submit our will to God’s purposes so we might know Christ more fully. 

Jesus, Our Joy is an 11-week study of the book of Philippians. This in-depth study includes daily homework to propel you into God’s Word so your heart and mind might truly experience the fulfillment that comes as Jesus becomes the source of your joy. 

"Jesus, Our Joy is so relevant to a modern woman's heart. Bobi Ann gives her fresh and personal perspective while adhering to Biblical truth and comprehensive teaching. What a joy to be part of this study of Phillippians!"

--Joy, Kilgore, TX

"This study has something for the beginning Bible learner to the most seasoned learner. She takes you into the lives of different converts & you glean more from the verses than ever before. I would recommend this to an group from teenagers up. You won't be disappointed!"

--Barb, Round Rock, TX

"Bobi Ann is a bundle of energy and sheer joy. Her love for women is contagious and when she teaches the Bible, her gift of encouragement makes learning easy."

--Leighann McCoy, women's pastor and author of Spiritual Warfare for Women, Nashville, TN

A Word From The Author

"I can't get enough of the practical wisdom Paul shares with his friends in Philippi. No matter how many times I re-read and re-study this book, I'm left walking away encouraged, challenged and longing for more Jesus."