The Identity Project–Lesson 1

Welcome to the first lesson of our 8 week study on our true identity in Christ.
Just some little details you might be interested in:
1. The bandaids on my arms are from a flu shot and tetanus shot earlier in the morning I recorded this lesson. I tried to pull off the bandages but they were super-glued on and it just hurt too bad to pull it off.
2. If you notice the crockpot behind me, you might think I’m super-domestic girl…there is roast and potatoes in there and it’s the first meal I have cooked in a week.

Here are your documents for the todays’ lesson.

Listenting Guide with homework and reflection for after you watch the video.

Discussion in comment section below

Lesson 1–The Identity Project from Bobi Ann Allen on Vimeo.


    1. Way to go Bobi Ann! I just enjoy your teaching heart and your willingness to share God’s word with Christian sisters. Thanks for using your spiritual gifts of study and teaching to inspire others.

    2. Barbara Alarcon told me about this study and forwarded the info. I live in Round Rock, and a terminal illness in the family. I need to feel like I am worthy of talking with God and hearing him reply. I need his help but sometimes don’t feel worthy. I’m hoping to develop my communication with the Lord and confidence in myself.

    1. I want to be secure in who I am, what I do, and how I present myself. I’ve made progress, but last year I changed almost everything and I’m still rebuilding a life of significance, service, and satisfaction.

  1. I believe our God is redeeming everything, and that the life to which He’s calling me includes some form of all my desires, interests, and strengths, but I still can’t make the pieces fit. I want to know what my One Thing is, have it be the goal that unifies everything I do, and be excellent at it.

  2. My biggest struggle is the way everything I do relates to being a wife and mother. My entire universe revolves around my family and while that isn’t automatically a bad thing, common struggles seem magnified.

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