Is This What Faithful Looks Like?

I’ve known Jana Spooner since we were babies. We have almost eerily followed a very similar life path, attending and graduating from the same colleges and seminaries, working with students in ministry and transitioning into the world of literature and writing at almost the exact same time.  I won’t bore more »

A Reason? A Season? A Lifetime?

There is a fantastic worship song with the line “break my heart for what breaks your’s.”  Oh, man, if only our hearts were broken for the things that break God’s heart.  I love when I get the honor of knowing women who have a heart for the things on God’s more »

5 Ways How NOT to Make a Friend

I work with women which means I deal with relationships A LOT! Women are relational beings.  Which is why we have a ministry just for women.  We need each other.  However, for most women when we think of our greatest hurts, they usually involve other women.  It’s a sad truth…often more »