The 8 Biggest Quiet Time Mistakes and What To Do About Them

Ah…the allusive quiet time.   We know we should do it and we even want to but it’s something that is just plain hard sometimes.  Over the course of many years, I’ve learned some sure-fire ways to sabotage my quiet time.  By knowing the pitfalls, we can position ourselves for success. more »

What I Won’t Resolve To Do This Year

Do you get irritated by resolutions, particularly New Year Resolutions?  If something in one’s life needs to change, why wait for a new year to change it?  Why don’t “people” (you know those people?…not me, of course!) just change when they recognize the need for change?  Simple question for a complicated more »

Prepare Him Room

There is nothing cuter than hearing my four year old sing “Joy To The World.”  Apparently, his preschool class is singing Joy To The World during the month of December prior to lunch instead of their normal Blessing song.  It is particularly cute when I listen as he sings, “Joy to more »

Finding Rest in the Yes

I’ve had the unique pleasure of knowing Leah Dion for several years.  She and I have journeyed through ministry together long before I began leading women.  Leah’s journey has been especially difficult.  However, I’ve seen God grow and shape this woman to more of His likeness.  For those of you more »

What Are You Doing With the Empty Spaces in Your Life?

I don’t even know how to introduce this post.  I’ve sat in tears reading it because of the woman who so bravely wrote it.  Kari Long is one of my dearest friends in all the world.  Kari’s story is one of redemption and hope.  I am so honored to do more »

The Not-So Redneck Way to Take Care of Armadillos

  I’m from the great state of Texas, where the state animal is an armadillo.  Yes, someone thought Texans were best represented by a nasty, armored rodent.  I’m super-proud.  :/  Truthfully, I am almost annoyingly proud to be a Texan.  However, I had never experienced armadillos in Texas the way more »