what you don’t want me to pray for you

“I pray the Lord may make you feel yourself to be undone, ruined, lost, cast away, and then there is no fear of your rejecting Christ, for he that is perfectly bankrupt is willing to accept a Savior; he that has nothing of his own, falls flat before the cross, more »

Are American Christians Really Experiencing Persecution?

I’ve stayed pretty quiet (at least on the blog) about the current events that have happened in recent weeks.  Please know my silence has absolutely nothing to do with a lack of courage or whether I’m ashamed or unashamed of Christ.  My silence has to do with the behavior of more »

5 Attitudes That Will Help You Find Contentment in the Gap

Today the movers show up. If you are following our journey, this is just the next segment to our saga.  Since making our big announcement more than two weeks ago, things have been Crazy (with a capital C)!  I’ve found myself living in this chasm between two worlds.  It’s the more »

The 8 Biggest Quiet Time Mistakes and What To Do About Them

Ah…the allusive quiet time.   We know we should do it and we even want to but it’s something that is just plain hard sometimes.  Over the course of many years, I’ve learned some sure-fire ways to sabotage my quiet time.  By knowing the pitfalls, we can position ourselves for success. more »