Words aren’t adequate to express my affection for today’s guest post writer.  I adore Kari Long.  She’s my person.  I text her when I need someone to understand my sarcastic (sometimes mistakenly inappropriate) quips about social situations.  You know when you are sure someone had too much plastic surgery and more »

Have You Checked Under Your Window Sills?

Allison Younger is one of those precious young women I had the privilege of knowing as a teenager.  She was a student in our youth group in Texas and to say I adore Allison would be an understatement.  This girl oozes joy.  Allison recently got married and as far as more »

Finding Rest in the Yes

I’ve had the unique pleasure of knowing Leah Dion for several years.  She and I have journeyed through ministry together long before I began leading women.  Leah’s journey has been especially difficult.  However, I’ve seen God grow and shape this woman to more of His likeness.  For those of you more »

What Are You Doing With the Empty Spaces in Your Life?

I don’t even know how to introduce this post.  I’ve sat in tears reading it because of the woman who so bravely wrote it.  Kari Long is one of my dearest friends in all the world.  Kari’s story is one of redemption and hope.  I am so honored to do more »

Hurry Up, Already

Being a teenager is hard for almost everyone.  Yet something I’ve noticed is the root of our teenage problems carry on well into adulthood.  Jordan Hanks is an especially insightful teenager.  She loves Jesus and it is impossible to not to smile around Jordan.  I’m so pleased to have Jordan more »

If I Don’t, Who Will?

To think I’ve served at Willowbrook for almost eight years and only gotten to know Bethany Donham within the last year seems a travesty to me.  I’ve had the opportunity of serving alongside and getting to know Bethany at our Hampton Cove campus.  I had long loved her mother-in-law (who more »