Are American Christians Really Experiencing Persecution?

I’ve stayed pretty quiet (at least on the blog) about the current events that have happened in recent weeks.  Please know my silence has absolutely nothing to do with a lack of courage or whether I’m ashamed or unashamed of Christ.  My silence has to do with the behavior of more »

Have You Checked Under Your Window Sills?

Allison Younger is one of those precious young women I had the privilege of knowing as a teenager.  She was a student in our youth group in Texas and to say I adore Allison would be an understatement.  This girl oozes joy.  Allison recently got married and as far as more »

I Have Nothing To Wear

Do you ever stand in your closet disgusted thinking, “I have nothing to wear”, “I don’t like any of these clothes.”? I certainly do. It’s one of many 1st World problems we as rich Americans suffer with. But what about we as wealthy believers? I don’t mean “wealthy” in terms more »