what you don’t want me to pray for you

“I pray the Lord may make you feel yourself to be undone, ruined, lost, cast away, and then there is no fear of your rejecting Christ, for he that is perfectly bankrupt is willing to accept a Savior; he that has nothing of his own, falls flat before the cross, more »

healing after pornography in your marriage

Brace yourself.  This is a heavy one.  But I don’t want to be accused of tip-toeing around the hard topics and pornography is one of them.  Pornography affects so many families.  I’m grateful for my friend and fellow writer, Natalia, Drumm, faithfully taking on the topic of pornography in marriage. more »

just for a moment

Do you need a moment?  A moment of quiet and rest for your mind and heart? It’s been within the past few weeks that I’ve suffered the spiritual effects of physical and emotional exhaustion.  I can’t point to any particular trauma or added stress.  Instead, I’m dealing with the consequences more »

Are American Christians Really Experiencing Persecution?

I’ve stayed pretty quiet (at least on the blog) about the current events that have happened in recent weeks.  Please know my silence has absolutely nothing to do with a lack of courage or whether I’m ashamed or unashamed of Christ.  My silence has to do with the behavior of more »

What I Won’t Resolve To Do This Year

Do you get irritated by resolutions, particularly New Year Resolutions?  If something in one’s life needs to change, why wait for a new year to change it?  Why don’t “people” (you know those people?…not me, of course!) just change when they recognize the need for change?  Simple question for a complicated more »

Why Discomfort Is The Key To Becoming The Best You

  “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”–E.E. Cumming Do you ever take a look back?  I recently began thinking about who I was when I moved to Huntsville, Alabama.  I was twenty-six, pregnant with our first child and taking on the ministry to fifth more »